The final numbers…

Kyle Post, Stacey Doornbos

So the online smile story submission time has ended and we have been blown away by all of the entries.  Over the past few months we have received 19,000 entries from 77 countries across the world all telling us why Orlando makes them smile… and yes, Kyle and Stacey read every single one of them!  Orlando makes people smile for THOUSANDS of reasons; from childhood memories, to life love stories.  From a love for the amusement parks to a an obsession for the food and shopping… the smiles that are created in Orlando spread across the globe!

So what now?!  Well that’s a good question.  For starters, we have a few more winners up our sleeves, so don’t lose hope yet for a call from Orlando telling you that you’ve won a trip.  We are also working hard on what exactly the winners will be doing when they’re in Orlando and we can’t wait to give you more details on that soon!

Thanks so much to everyone (all 19,000 of you) for your amazing Orlando Smile Stories.  They have certainly made us smile, and we hope that reliving your Orlando memories made you smile too!

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