About Us

Learn a bit more about us and how we got the best job EVER!


Ok, a little bit about us. We met at the 4th of July fireworks in Holland, MI in 7th grade and immediately became two peas in a pod. Since then we’ve become almost like family to each-other, looking for new adventures around every corner.  Together we have taken on the tallest roller coaster in the world, moved to NYC together, and so much more!

StaceySince 7th grade Stacey traveled to ten countries: hiking volcanos, floating in the Dead Sea, and snorkling some of the worlds most beautiful beaches.  Currently she directs a summer camp and after school program for low-income children in East Harlem. In her free time Stacey loves writing music, long boarding the city, and laughing until she cries.

mickeyKyle’s had 2 passions since childhood: acting and roller coasters.  Since he rode the Raptor at Cedar Point in 6th grade he was bitten by the coaster bug.  He can recite random facts about random roller coasters from across the country at the drop of a hat (and he’s aware that’s kinda dorky). 3 years ago Kyle followed his love for acting to NYC and was cast in RENT on Broadway, fulfilling a lifelong dream!


[rockyou id=140969938&w=450&h=338]


With everything we have done, nothing is quite as thrilling as 67 Days of Smiles! Follow us on twitter, facebook, and youtube as we constantly update about our 67 Days in Orlando!

13 Responses

  1. So what happens after you finish your luxury paid vacation? Over two months of pampering and then what ?Are you guys going to ever get married ?

  2. Thank you so much for joining us this morning at the hospital. I am so excited that you two get to have this adventure and that we got to share a small part of it with you.

  3. Very neat what you guys are doing. I especially like it as a business owner in Orlando. Business has been slow for alot of people here and anything POSITIVE people do to encourage vacationers to come here is great! Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow! You two have the best personalities ever! Have a blast! Of course I don’t know you, but you both seem to be amazing people and I don’t think anyone could do this better than you….Good luck! 🙂

    • Wow, thanks Lorena! We promise we will send over that $20 that we promised you for writing such a sweet comment soon 😉

  5. Hello! I am one of the owners at Volcano’s Coffee Bar and I heard you will be coming for a visit sometime on your journey…please let me know when because I would love to personally meet you! We have fabulous fresh roasted organic coffee, fantastic baristas, and lots of fun stuff on the weekends! Tonight is live music and Curtis Earth Trivia (very fun!) so stop by if you can!

  6. Blue Heron, Bald Eagle and “Endangered Bird”

  7. my dad says thanks for keeping the goat away from my daughter…

  8. Welcome! I hope you like our little city! I have a little bar called Finnhenry’s on Orange Avenue in Downtown Orlando – it is a short walk from Star Tower… Stop by anytime and I will buy you a “welcome to Orlando” drink! It is a good little joint to meet locals…

    Enjoy your 67 days – and lifetime of memories…

    caitlin van voorhis

  9. You guys are so much fun!!! I REALLY hope you win this thing and get to do it. I wouldn’t watch anyone but you two!!! Good luck! 🙂

  10. please post more pre-pubescent photos. you two as kids = ADORABLE.

  11. Good job you guys!!!! congrats to u for making the top 10!!! 😀


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