Welcome to our Media page.

This is where we will be posting fun videos and news articles that we have been collecting!


Some news articles about our NEW JOB as Smile Ambassadors!

Blog Articles:

On the Go with Amy

Florida for Locals

Orlando Escape

Zanna Land

Florida Travel

Exploration Orlando

Travel Pod

Mouse Kingdom

Tasty Chomps – Our podcast with Jason Cochran of Walletpop

New York Times – Talks about Travel Marketing and features us

Orlando Sentinel – Article about our first day

Holland Sentinel – new article from our hometown paper

Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Sentinel blog

Holland Sentinel – our hometown paper

Attractions Magazine


A news spot on “My Fox Orlando”

67 days on “My Fox”

We got a shout out on one of Kyle’s favorite amusement park websites! check it out!!!


We are on CNBC ‘YALL!

67 Days of smiles Press Release on CNBC

the link above is the full press release (explaining EVERYTHING) for 67 Days

Above is our submission video for 67 days of smiles .

and of course the deleted scenes!

Stay tuned for more updates…

5 Responses

  1. so awesome – I love that the H-Sentinel FINALLY did a story on you guys. Seriously. Well either way – I kind of feel like I’m waiting to ask a boy to dance with me, thats how excited I am to see what you guys do. Or waiting to give birth, either one. You know. Toss up.

  2. Great deleted scenes. Who are you two? You make me want to go to Orlando.

  3. totaly hillarious and lovable! Good Luck to you.

  4. Your submission video was totally better than the others I looked at!
    Rooting for you guys!

  5. FACE~ soooo excited for you guys. can’t wait to follow all your updates 🙂

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