Hi we’re Kyle and Stacey!  We’ve been friends for over 13 years and last fall we won a worldwide search to land the best social media job in the world: experiencing every attraction Orlando, Florida has to offer in 67 Days.  We had the time of our lives going to amusement parks, eating amazing food, shopping and SO much more.  Below you will find a blog we made documenting all of our smile filled adventures.  Enjoy!

Orlando is one of the top shopping destinations in the United States.  Finding whatever your heart desires won’t be a problem, but make sure you wear some comfortable shoes because in Orlando you can literally shop ’till you drop.  We did on many occasions during our 67 days in Orlando! Check out some of our shopping sprees below and to find a complete list of all of your shopping choices including malls, outlets, boutiques and antiques go to


Downtown Disney-

Curl by Sammy Duvall

After hitting up some sweet water sports in the morning we headed to Downtown Disney to shop at Curl and eat at Planet Hollywood. Check it out:

There are so many fun shops and restaurants at Downtown Disney, and we just got a small sample. You could spend a good part of a day here shopping, eating and exploring!


Festival Bay Mall

at International Drive

Festival Bay Mall at International Drive is an extremely active mall. Yes, active! You can play indoor mini-golf at Putting Edge, chill at an indoor skate park: Van’s Skate Park, try out simulators and more! The building is very open with natural light illuminating the whole space. As shopping goes most of the stores focus on skaters, teenage girls, or sporting goods (there’s a huge Ron Jon). Overall this is a place to just hang-out: skateboard ’till you get tired then go and check out a movie!


Van's Skatepark




Florida Mall

IMG_2764I’m not afraid to say it…I love malls 🙂 Living in NYC it is a very rare occasion when I find myself in a mall, but Orlando has offered me the oppurtunity. On the way back from skydiving we stopped in the Florida Mall which boosts 250 stores, including H&M (which opens TODAY!).

The mall itself caters to a young crowd with many teen clothing stores, skateboard and surfing stores. My personal favorites were the M&M store with aIMG_2781 wall of the famous candy in every color under the sun and the Adrenlina store which has an indoor surfing machine! When you go be sure to wear your walking shoes because this mall has 1.8 million square feet and you won’t want to miss any of it!


Mall at Millenia

Hmmm let’s see… have a yummy lunch, see a fashion show, and then do some shopping in a huge mall? Yes, please! Today we did all of that at The Mall at Millenia. We started our day at Brio Tuscan Grille. The food was really fresh (we highly recommend the Bruschetta Quattro appetizer). It comes with four different types of bruschetta and they’re all delicious. We were impressed that a restaurant so large could turn out food that tasted like it was from a real Italian kitchen.


Next up we watched a fashion show that’s a part of The Mall at Millenia’s own fashion week. That’s right, this mall is so fancy it has its own fashion week. After the show we had some time to shop. Of course there’s a wide variety of stores from Anthropologie to Zara, but there were a lot of stores here that you wouldn’t expect. I for one had never seen a Burberry in a mall! The best part about the The Mall at Millenia is the roof… it’s made entirely of glass. The whole experience feels more like you’re walking outside rather than inside.



Mall at Millenia –

Blue Martini


Blue Martini is a chic bar located in the Mall at Millenia. We stopped in tonight following our dinner show to check out the night life. We were happily surprised…this bar was hopping! I couldn’t believe that on a Thursday night people were dressed up and ready to take to the dance floor! The bar itself is very open, which on a beautiful night like tonight was amazing. We could just enjoy one another’s company while looking at the stars. In the end the Blue Martini is a great place to stop by for a drink or just to hang with your friends. And the best part is you don’t have to wait until the weekend to go out because this bar is lively every night of the week.


Orlando Premium Outlets

Today we headed to Orlando Premium Outlets and Whoa! There are 150 stores from JCrew to Hurley to Polo…they have it all and I think we might have bought it all!

Here are two great things we learned today while shopping at Premium Outlets:

1. We met up with Jackie Walker who is the ‘Dr. of Closetology’ she wrote a book called “I Don’t Have a Thing to Wear”. She was AmaZing!!! Jackie taught us that we should be proud of what we want to wear and wear it confidently. So often we let others influence our dressing…when really we know what we want (and the premium outlets had it). Check out her book…you’ll love it!

2. The Premium Outlet mall has a VIP Club which you can join for free. Each week members of the club can print out coupons for multiple stores in the outlet. We used the discount today to get 20% off at Hurley!

A huge thanks to Jackie Walker and the Orlando Premium Outlets for showing us how much fun shopping can be!


Prime Outlets Orlando

Prime Outlets is the perfect place to go to find great deals at top notch stores.  We had a hard time trying to get to all the stores we wanted to get to, so make sure you give yourself at least a few hours just to scratch the surface here!

Prime Outlets



Downtown Disney – Curl by Sammy Duvall
Festival Bay Mall at International Drive
Florida Mall
Mall at Millenia
Mall at Millenia – Blue Martini
Orlando Premium Outlets
Prime Outlets Orlando

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